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Scrape data from the

I would like to scrape data from the FREE UK business directory website on various business listed by category. For instance we would search for wedding planners, obtain the name of the company, address, website url, email, telephone, one sample picture, and the description of the business. CSV format would suffice. Can you advise costs per thousand or similar. We would have several similar searches We would like to go for the original search listings that you quoted for [...]


Compare amazon price with all of the popular websites

I sell on Amazon and purchase most of my stock online. I want to be able to have a system that will look at items that are on sale at all of the popular websites and compare them to Amazon site. If a Barbie Purple Color Change Mermaid Doll is on sale at, then what is the price on,, and Can your software do that? I am a very small mom and pop operation [...]