School College & University Website Data Scraping Services

Data Extraction from School-College-University Websites

Data extraction method is extremely useful and contemporary procedure to get quick and rapid results for virtually anything. This method can be used to get the details about schools or colleges of any particular location. School data scraping service is available at 3i Data Scraping. This is used to extract the data and information related to various schools.

We Extract Data from College/University Website Including:


  • School’s location
  • Timings
  • Number of registered
  • students
  • Classes
  • Available courses
  • Student-teacher ratio
  • Any many more

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These details are quite useful for all people looking to take admission of their kids in different schools. This automatic data extraction procedure yields very fast and precise results.

Among the very useful tools from the students’ and businesses’ viewpoint is the school data scraper tool. As its name indicates, this school data extractor can extract details from different school websites as well as provide and practice these details to get meaningful results. This student database scraping tool works extremely well to scrape bulk data as well as compress the data for generating user-friendly outputs. The user will get output in different formats like MS Excel, MS Access, CSV, and MySQL format. The entire procedure is extremely proficient and produces quick and precise results.

School data scraper is another tool used for data extraction from school and college website. This tool is extremely compatible to be use in all business environments as well as on all business networks. The result produced is extremely useful from the industry viewpoint. Users can incorporate the production data with business strategies and generate distinctive business solutions. Our school data scraping services can mine the data associated with schools which are generally present in the graphics and image formats.

3i Data Scraping is the most dependable company providing service of data extraction from school and college website to the offshore clients. Try our student database scraping services to complete your data mining, web search, data extraction, data conversion, web data scraping, and website data scraping work. Just send us your requirements and we will send you free quote.