Meetup Members’ Profile and Group Data Scraping Services

Scrape Meetup Members' Profile and Group Data in Actual Time

Meetup is a social networking portal, which helps group meetings offline in different localities across the globe. Meetup permits members to get and join the groups combined with common interests like politics, games, movies, books, health, careers, pets, or hobbies.

meetup web scraping services

At 3i Data Scraping, we offer services to scrape Meetup members’ profile and group data with the following details:

  • Meetup groups
  • Facebook link
  • Website link
  • Member’s bios, name, location, and ‘networks’
  • Emails
  • Member’s social media identities
  • Member’s photos

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Scraping of social networking websites like Meetup is a tough job to do for the internal data accomplishment departments for the most of companies as these websites are having compound structures as well as restrict the amount of data and frequency that they provide to crawlers. This kind of work is finest for the professionals like 3i Data Scraping that can take care of your constant requirements and provide you with favored data and minimum turnaround time. Most of well-liked social networking websites permit crawlers to mine data through the individual APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to deal with the information regarding the users and their activities.

At 3i Data Scraping, we follow all the restraints about the access of frequency as well as content to hit the servers for making sure that the user information are not negotiated and their perception with the portal is unconstrained.

At 3i Data Scraping, we have the expertise to scrape Meetup members’ profile and group data in actual time. Popular usage of this information consists of competitor analysis, customer service, trend watching, and brand monitoring among others. Our lower latency features can extract data as per particular keywords, categories, geographies, or the mixture of all of them. We can take care of all the complications like many languages and particular user profiles (according to keywords or geographies).

We provide structured data through a distinct API and when any new content becomes published, these feeds become automatically updated. In addition, we provide data in the other formats like XLS, XML, CSV, etc.

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