Lawyers Attorneys Data Scraping Services

Scrape Data from Lawyers & Attorneys Websites

Do you need to get data of lawyers / attorney from the USA state bar association website or whatever possible website? To enable the users to scrape this data and empower them with the required techniques, we provide the best data scraping solutions that can be very effective when it comes to scrape data from lawyers and attorney website.


It is often seen that business users, executives and other personnel may be in need of the information that is related to the lawyers or attorney generals who are practicing in their city or location. In several legal and government issues, this data and information may be very useful and hence there arises a need to fetch this data from various websites.

What We Do

  • Scrape data as per selected practice area from any law firm or state bar association website
  • Scrape Attorneys Name/ Lawyer Name, Firm Address, Firm Phone & Fax Number, Practice Area, State Bar, History Details, Contact Email, Bar Number, Education Details and many more

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Various Tools and Techniques for Data Scraping

Information related to the name of the lawyers, his/her street address, his/her office details, attorney languages, law schools, contact information and status can also be found out at any of the lawyer or the attorney’s website. Scraping all this information manually will be a complex task and will take huge amount of time. Thus, to save the users of the time and effort required scraping data from lawyers and attorney website, 3i Data Scraping has introduced various tools and techniques that can be very effective in scraping this data.