The Role of Professional Companies in Large Scale Website Data Scraping

large scale website data scraping

The Role of Professional Companies in Large Scale Website Data Scraping

Organizations which do not rely upon related statistical data possess a low likelihood of succeeding in a rapidly thriving information driven planet. Among the top origins of data is all those data available openly on the web on several sites which are scraped by means of scrapers, and the whole process is called Web Scraping or Data Scraping.

If you are Big Data Company, or an enterprise completely relying on consumer information, then you might think of doing this thing called as web extraction or data extraction all by yourself. However, what if you are trying to scratch massive data from sites likes LinkedIn, Trip Advisor, Yelp, or similar biggies? Large Scale Data Scraping, also known as Mass Scale Data Extraction requires not just massive infrastructure in place, but also an extensive team of developers as well as quality assurance analysts.

large scale website data scraping

This is unimaginable difficult especially when you are a startup just having your stepping stone in the market, or an established enterprise wanting to focus on your core business rather than getting into the complicated process of web data scraping while running it all the time. At this point, you have a professional hardcore company like 3i Data Scraping to do the job for you while taking away all data mining burden from your heads.

We are pretty much not aware of how other data extraction companies go the about with web scraping, but we do know that at 3i Data Scraping there is a seamless process to follow allowing you with a number of advantages. The flow goes as follows:

    • Getting to know the client expectations and needs

We collect all the data from our clients to analyze the feasibility of data extraction process for every individual site. If possible, we tell our clients exactly what data can be extracted, how much can be extracted, what extent to can be extracted, and in how much time the process completes.

    • Constructing scrapers and assembling them together

For every site allotted to us by our clients, we get a unique scraper built in place, so that no one scraper has the burden to go through thousands of sites and millions of data. Moreover, we have all those scrapers working in tandem for work to be done rapidly.

    • Running the scrapers by executing them smoothly

It is very important to have the servers and Internet lease lines running all the time for extraction process not to get interrupted. We ensure this through high-end hardware present at our premises costing lacs of rupees, so that real time information is delivered after extraction, whenever the client wants. To avoid any kind of blacklisting scenario, we already have proxy servers, a multitude of IP addresses, and various secret strategies coming to our rescue.

    • Quality checks scrapers maintenance performed on a regular basis

After automated web data scraping process, we ensure manual quality checks on the extracted or mined data via our QA team, who are in constant communication with the developer’s team for any kind of bugs or errors reported. Additionally, if the scrapers need to be modified as per changing site structure or client requirements, we also do so without any hassle.

Getting in touch with 3i Data Scraping

Web data scraping, or web data extraction, is not a once in a while process. It needs a constantly processing infrastructure, backed by developers and QA teams, while also ensuring data delivery 24*7 365 days, in real time. For businesses, it is just about impossible to perform the data mining activities in-house while leaving their core activities aside.

3i Data Scraping has got it all whether be a strong and stable infrastructure, a dedicated team of developers, a committed team of QA people, while a will to have all these work together for constantly striving to deploy real time data in an affordable manner all the time.

Why not collaborate with us by means of pilot projects and see it for yourself what we can possibly do. Reach out to us, by filling up the contact form or request a quote to state your project requirements upfront.

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