Data Scraping Use Cases

Data Scraping Service Is Used In a Various Business Industries

Ecommerce & Retail Industry

  • Scrape daily updated product stock details from dealers website
  • Scrape updated product price from amazon, eBay websites
  • Harvest product catalogues from product inventory website
  • Scrape high ranking product details from online auction websites
  • Scrape user reviews for specific product
  • Scrape daily deals and weekly ads from different online ecommerce website
  • Monitor shipping rates of the particular product or product category on best online shopping websites
  • Download product images from competitors website
  • Monitor your competitor’s product inventory information
  • Scrape store location details of the large product retailers.(WalMart, Walgreens, etc. )


  • Scrape auto parts information from different websites
  • Harvest used cars price information from the car dealers website
  • Scrape tyre’s size& price details for different make, model & year vehicle
  • Scrape driver’s information from Truck driver website

Marketing & Business

  • Harvest leads from yellow pages & white pages business directories
  • Scrape contact email address for marketing purpose
    Gather local business contact information from Merchant Circle website
  • Scrape company information from online different websites

Financial, Banking & Insurance

  • Scrape financial information for analysis activity
  • Gather insurance quotes from online insurance website
  • Download policy documents from targeted insurance website
  • Fill online quote form on different insurance websites
  • Capture Branch and ATM location details from bank’s website
  • Monitor stock exchange and online business commodity prices
  • Scrape online bookings for holiday homes & vacation rentals
  • Harvest tourist attraction location for different city, state, country and region
  • Scrape best restaurant visitor reviews from different website

Government organizations

  • Scrape historical case information from federal government websites
  • Harvest lawyers information from attorneys directory website
  • Scrape offender data from National Offender Public Registry website

Media & Entertainment

  • Watch on news websites for different type of research
  • Scrape movie information from IMDB or other online movie database directory
  • Scrape ticket booking details from movie, reality show, government events
  • Harvest sports information on games, players, teams, competitors

Information Technology

  • Scraper the meta data(title, keywords, description) from html a website
  • Harvest JavaScript, css, and html source code from HTML pages of targeted website
  • Harvest data for Google keyword research & ppc campaign

Jobs & Recruiting

  • Scrape jobs classified ads from online job portal website
  • Gather job listings details from major private companies and government organizations website
  • Find product review or defects by scraping product reviews from different popular product review websites
  • Scrape Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other search engine rankings
  • Tracking blogs and forums website for new updates or posting
  • Scrape local businesses rank on different search engine websites
  • Scrape Google page rank for list of websites
  • Scrape user profile details from many social media websites.(Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, MySpace, etc.)


  • Scrape historical weather details from online weather forecast website
  • Scrape research data from Wikipedia, encyclopaedia or any other popular websites

Real Estate

  • Harvest foreclosure apartment listings by city, state and zip code from apartments listing website
  • Scrape agent or broker contact information for home rental or buy apartments
  • Scrape property price, address, picture, description, availability, rate from major real estate websites