Scrape E-commerce Data

Case Study - Scrape E-commerce Data

Client Industry:

The Client is an e-commerce startup from San Francisco. The company has an e-commerce platform where customers and vendors buy and sell their products online. With ever-increasing customer base, the website has to deal with cut-throat competition from the existing e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and more. The start-up is having its customers around the world. So, the client wants to scrape e-commerce data from different e-commerce websites.


San Francisco

Client’s Requirements:

The client required continuous updates about the products, pricing, and reviews available on the competitor e-commerce websites. The client wanted to track around 20 popular e-commerce websites to extract products information as well as track every day to report within and does analyses of the pricing trends by the customers and also to recognize how the products are performing in the market. The client also had particular requirements to scrape Amazon product details & pricing.

Our Solutions:

3i Data Scraping had maintained the mapping of different products on the customer websites in relation to those on the client’s websites. About 5,000 products of the clients were scraped every day for prices and reviews and then provided to the client with multiple CSV’s using our data scraping services. All the records contained product details from the customer’s site, product information on the manufacturer’s websites and review/pricing details. Because of small data volumes, the client had easily imported the data in the Excel sheet and performed their analyses.


  • Fresh and clean data are available for use for business representatives at the client’s end.
  • Zero participation from the client’s end during crawling
  • Reduced costs because the client focus continued with the analysis.
  • Successfully completed scrape products information from e-commerce websites.
  • Every technicality aspect associated was taken care of.
  • We ensured constant data delivery.


Product feeds from different e-commerce product scraper are utilized for different objectives. If you wish to scrape e-commerce website, price comparison websites or market research in e-commerce, the data is helpful. 3i Data Scraping helps people collecting product feeds using web scraping. We utilize open-source technologies for cutting down cost as well as make you safe from the proprietary technology gridlocks.

About Us

3i Data Scraping is the best web scraping services provider in India. We have a skilled team, which can manage all types of data scraping projects like scraping e-commerce data, data extraction, web research, data harvesting, online screen scraping and data capturing professionally and easily. We have covered many industries and businesses for all their data mining requirements. The industries we include are banking, real estate, entertainment, healthcare, media, finance, legal, education, recruitment agencies, e-commerce, insurance, and marketing. The majority of our clients have given their feedbacks regarding our services and sent us their testimonials.

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