Business Directory Data Scraping

Case Study - Business Directory Data Scraping

Client Industry:

The Client is a leading media company in the UK. The company provides news as well as market details in the real estate industry worldwide. Over 30,000 customers visit the company website every month for keeping themselves updated with the most recent news as well as market situations. The company has its customer base in the UK, America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and other countries.


United Kingdom

Client’s Requirements:

The client needed contact information of the property agents gathered from different websites. This client previously had a content management application or an online form with the UK property agents’ names & addresses. They now required the website addresses, email addresses and phone numbers gathered using our data scraping services. Our main challenge was to get the right website of the company and crosscheck the company name & address from the current database before completion of the requested fields. The company had over 13,000 property agents to search for.

Our Solutions:

This client’s main concern was turnaround time on this project. So, we have built a special team of data scraping professionals for this project to get completed in time with highest accuracy level. In addition, we have also given a Project Manager to this team to make sure that the communication might be healthier between the client and the team members. For maximum accuracy, QA team had checked each and every record given by the execution team. In the end, we have found a few duplicate property agents’ information in the current client database and for that; we have made a listing of those records and given it to the client. These efforts were appreciated in a great manner by this client.


  • We have successfully completed this huge data scraping project.
  • Our team had taken care of each and every technical detail of this project.
  • The client had got all the data in a perfect manner and in the required format.


To finish up, the client got the database of distinctive records with precise contact information of property agents. The client became very happy with the execution pace and promised us to give similar projects to us in the future as they frequently have this type of requirements. This client got the benefits of direct data scraping outsourcing like access to the particular skills with lesser labor cost, lesser overhead expenses, and absolute control over operations, better productivity and recruitment flexibility as per requirements.

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