About Us

Company Overview

about-3idata-scraping-services-india3i Data Scraping is leading the market of massively scalable data extraction. We combine real-world experience and proven technology to convert web’s data into the database for customers. At 3i Data Scraping, data service providers as well as companies considerably increase their data harvesting capability, drive down the ongoing content extraction cost, and drastically reduce the difficulty of data operations.

Our Approach

3i Data Scraping follows an innovative approach for the web data extraction, which goes much beyond the data scraping or customized scripts. Through a combination of visual understanding about how the websites work together with the advanced machines, we have made the web extraction precise, reliable, and scalable. We at 3i Data Scraping, easily handle thousands of sites as well as data in terabytes, providing high-value and targeted data which unlocks the real potential of web data for the business.

Our Team

consists of a few of the leading experts of web extraction and data mining. Our revolutionary technology has emerged from the leading-edge research, where our team of data analysts has set out for solving the contest of transforming the webpage data to computer-friendly data.

Our Process

Get custom web scraping services for your business with just three easy steps!

  • Tell Us Your Requirements: Give us all the necessary details like web URLs, particular details you require from URLs, as well as the format in which you wish to have the data organized and provided to you.
  • We Will Review Them: Our data analyst team will closely evaluate your requirements and contact you in 24 hours. After review and finalizing the details; you will get your data scraped in to time!
  • Get the Data Delivered: We’ll send you complete scraped data in the desired format through email. You may also ask the data and send them straight to your system using different APIs.

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